Radio Kometa

Radio Kometa from Fernando Nogari on Vimeo.

Radio Kometa

In January 2014 I moved to a new flat in Sarajevo.
The person who used to live there left in a hurry abandoning most of her belongings.
Going trough her objects, I discovered she was an actress at the Chamber Theatre in the sixties.
Among her hobbies, she liked to record poetry and music evenings on k7 tapes.
Her favorite radio station was the extinct RADIO KOMETA which she would frequently call to ask
for different versions of a song known as LARA’S THEME.

This film is a small homage to DARINKA GVOZDENOVIC whose whereabouts are unknown.

Written and Directed by Fernando Nogari
Mentored by Bela Tarr
Executive Producer: Luan Banzai
Music Lara’s Theme from Unknown Author
Thanks to Murilo Hauser, Bianca Lucas, Maxime Rappaz, Rastko Antic and Tanja Vrvilo
Special Thanks to Sarajevo Citizens and Radio Kometa.

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