How to Survive a Day - Currently on festival run.
Official International Premiere @ 21st Sarajevo International Film Festival - 21/09/2015

Watch the Trailer below.

How To Survive A Day - Trailer from Fernando Nogari on Vimeo.

Kako Preživjeti Dan - How to Survive a Day

Kids play around a destroyed building that 19 years ago was the site of one of the most violent chapters during the siege in Sarajevo. A teenager spends her time wandering as she sees no future for herself. They observe and ignore each other where their only company is the place and themselves.

Produced by Film Factory
Co-Produced by Banzai Studio
Line Producer: Grant Gulczynski
Assistant Director Tina Keserovic
Production Accountant: Sanela Aripo
Sound: Kaori Oda
Sound Designer Mirza Tahilovic (Studio Chelia)
Cinemotography: Fernando Nogari
Camera Assistants: Bianca Lucas / Gonzalo Escobar / Namsuk Kim
Editor Supervisor: Nihad Usanovic
Lab Technician: Bojan Mijavovic
Driver: Arman Sjko
Producer: Emina Ganic
Mentored by: Bela Tarr
Written and Directed by Fernando Nogari

Copyright 2015